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Radon is the Silent Killer


Radon gas is a natural chemical byproduct produced in the soil and released into the atmosphere. It enters your home through basement or foundation access points or cracks. It is odorless and varies in concentration levels from one proximity to another. The EPA lists radon gas as the number one concern for residential and commercial inhabitants. The threat is real as radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer outside of smoking. Nearly 25,000 people die each year attributable to prolonged exposure to radon. Testing is fast, accurate and affordable. Protect your families health and safety. Get peace of mind.

Indiana has high radon concentration levels

The map to the right depicts the radon levels in Indiana as supplied by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA reports the highest levels of concentration in red. All 92 counties in Indiana are ranked above average in concentration compared to other states. Radon levels will vary greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood and house to house. No two homes are alike in terms of radon levels. You neighbor may test within acceptable levels while your home exceeds the EPA recommendations. Radon gas is odorless therefore the only way to safely know for sure if your family is in danger is to conduct an approved radon test. We are certified and licensed in radon testing. We use CRM machines (continous radon monitor) in your home which have been calibrated by a third party lab based on EPA recommendations. Locally we have tested and found radon in homes from Greenwood to Broad Ripple to Zionsville. Radon does not stereotype across demographics, it can lurk in any area.

Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer

The EPA reports that long term exposure to radon is the second leading cause of lung cause behind smoking. The charts below depict the EPA and World Health Organization findings to support the need for radon testing in every household.

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