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What is your family breathing under your roof?
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We provide award-winning clean air and surface decontamination solutions to keep your athletic facilities safe, your air and surfaces clean and your teams performing at peak efficiency.

The Puradigm system has been designed and engineered to reduce harmful bacteria, pathogens, microbes and viruses that can lead to:

Volatile Organic Compounds

Negative Odors

Staph Infection

Athlete's Foot



*Continuous reductions of 99.9% within 24 hours.

24/7 Solutions for active air &
surface purification. We also
provide duct cleaning.

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Our Services

We take indoor air quality seriously as the long term health effects can be devastating.

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Let us help your clients solve their inspection needs and keep closing dates on track with guaranteed results.

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Home Owners

Radon is prevalent in Indiana soils yet every house can produce different results. Test today for your family's safety and peace of mind.

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Not an expert. You don't have to be. Just know where to go to get the right information. Check out these FAQ's and resource links.

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Our Mission

Keeping your family safe from airborne chemicals is our number one goal. Today's environment is full of unsafe and unseen hazardous chemicals which can pose serious health problems for you and your family over time. Our ventilation systems will eliminate these dangerous concerns and keep your family safe for years to come giving you peace of mind.


Radon Testing: Shouldn't your family be breathing Pure Air? Test results can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and house to house. The only way to be certain is to test your home.

Service and Installation: Our installers are licensed, certified and insured with an emphasis on providing unparalleled customer service. We are prompt, polite and professional. We GUARANTEE our results!