Clean Air Technology Can Remove and Prevent the Deadly Flu

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February 22, 2018) – The number of influenza-associated deaths was at a sweeping 195, according to the Indiana State Department of Health last Friday. Aside from frequent hand washing and the flu shot, Hoosiers have limited options when it comes to protecting themselves and their families. Locally-owned and operated, Pure Air Environmental, urges homeowners and business owners to seek a powerful alternative with Puradigm technology, a cost-effective aid that can reduce the spread and prevalence of flu-like illnesses in the environment.

Award-winning clean air and surface decontamination solutions, Puradigm, removes harmful pathogens and reduces the spread of infectious bacteria. Its technology prevents pathogens from incubating on commonly shared surfaces including, door handles, faucets, remote controls, and more, reducing the chances of cross-contamination.

Within the first two hours of installing a Puradigm system, immediate reductions can occur with a 99.9% effective rate in the first 24 hours. The system provides 24/7 protection and can destroy airborne bacteria from a sneeze or a cough within 1/76th of a second.

Universities, business owners, healthcare facilities and residential owners across the country are using Puradigm for creating safer and cleaner environments. With a flu epidemic showing no signs of mercy or easing up, Hoosiers can stay safe with Pure Air Environmental and Puradigm technology.

For more information about Pure Air Environmental and Puradigm, visit our website at www.pureairenvironmental.com or by calling 317-760-PURE.


Founded in 2013, Pure Air Environmental is dedicated to improving indoor air quality for homeowners and business owners. They test and treat radon, mold, ducts, water intrusion, crawl space encapsulation, crawlspace or basement drainage, attic exhaust ventilation, odor or bacteria. With customer service at the forefront of its business, Pure Air Environmental works hard to keep their clients safe by educating them on their products and solutions to eliminate any dangerous concerns that exist in their environment.

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