Grocery Store Reduces “Shrink” Loss by 63%

A large West coast grocery chain was looking to extend the shelf life of food and reduce their “shrink” rate on produce, meats and seafood.


The grocer implemented patented Puradigm Technology in their produce display cases, meat and deli cases, walk-in coolers and their meat cutting room. After installing the technology, these areas were monitored for 12 months and compared to the prior year. Food freshness and quality was maintained longer which led to over 63% reduction in food “shrink” loss. The store General Manager commented “the multiple benefits and enormous savings received make this a must have technology in all of our stores”.


Test Criteria 2013 Without the Technology 2014 With the Technology
Shrink & – Product, Meat, Fish 2.3% loss 0.85% loss
Customer Perception N/A Many unsolicited comments on “freshness” of fresh food areas
Employee Perception Issues with food odors in the walk-in coolers and fish & meat cases Noticieable reduction of food odors, especially in the meat & fish areas
Maintenance Quarterly cleaning of cooling coils Frequency of cleaning reduced by 75%


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