Administrative Risks

• Institutional failure to prevent contamination

• Potential legal costs from plaintiff bar

• Bacterial exposure to staff and visitors

• Damaged institutional reputation: AHA started reporting infection rates in 2010

• Damaged public perception

• Increased direct costs: Medicare & 3rd party payers have stopped covering healthcare associated infection expenses

• Preventable fatalities

Institutional Benefits

• Contamination control

• Avoid legal expense and risk

• Reduce exposure to staff and visitors

• Marketing leverage over competitors

• Avoidance of liable medical expenses

• Reduction in staff absenteeism

• Reduction in cleaning time and costs

• Reduction in unpleasant facility odor


Puradigm Technology has been clinically proven and coupled with real-world validation to be an Indoor Air Quality differentiator. Studies completed by Kansas State University show excellent activity against a wide variety of pathogens including MRSA, Staph, Cdiff and Influenza.

Our systems fight against pathogens in nursing homes. 

Most Reported Infection

Based on records of infection reporting and treatment, the most common infection in nursing facilities are UTI’s, urinary tract infections.

Most Lethal Infection

Influenza and pneumonia combined add up to the sixth leading cause of death in America — 90% of these in senior adults.

Fastest Growing Infection

Doubling in prevalence since 2000, Clostridium difficile infections (CDI, C-diff) are responsible for a disproportion number of deaths in patients over 65.

Most Preventable Infection

Depending on the virulence of the strain, each year between 3,000 and 49,000 Americans will die from conditions relating to influenza - and 90% of those deaths are in patients over 65.


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