Pet urine, tobacco, paints and fuel are just some of the odors that can stay trapped and impact your home. At Pure Air Environmental, we have successfully removed unpleasant odors in many homes. We use the latest hydroxyl technology, which replicates a natural cleaning process and allows homes and businesses to be occupied and run normally during it.

With our wide range of products and technology, we can eliminate odor at the molecular level. We don’t mask or filter smells for a few days, we complete eliminate them to have your keep indoor air clean and your family safe and healthier. We also offer and recommend Puradigm air and surface purification systems to continuously decontaminate and keep odors and germs away. For Pure Air Environmental, every breath matters.

Odorox® hydroxyl highlights:

Hydroxyls are oftened referred to as the “detergent” of the atmosphere, playing a critical run in cleaning the Earth’s atmosphere

Initially developed for severe environments like sewage plants, transfer stations and disaster cleanup industry for eliminating odors associated with fires and floods

Won’t harm people, pets, or plants which means jobs can be completed faster and additional living or business interruption expenses can be avoided