Pure Air SPORT


The Healthy Choice
pureAir PERSONAL propels cleaner, fresher air into your breathing zone with its solid platinum permanent emitter. The emitter produces ions, which repel odors, bacteria, allergens, viruses and other harmful particulates from the air you intake.

Features & Specifications



Our pureAir SPORT fights odors caused by sweat and bacteria and prevents the buildup of mold and mildew that can ruin your workout clothes, sporting goods and equipment. Simply turn it on and throw it in your gym bag or locker for a quick refresh or use it overnight for deep deodorizing. pureAir SPORT is rechargeable and convenient to use on-the-go.

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Dimensions: 6.0″ H x 2.125″ W x 2.25″ D
  • Net Weight: 8.0 oz
  • Solid Platinum Permanent Emitter and Gold Plated Stainless Steel Collectors



  • Power: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (charging cable included)
  • Battery Life: Over 4 hours of Operating Time Per Full Charge
  • Battery Life Display Function
  • Continuous Operation Option
  • Timer Function



  • Dimensions: 7.75″ H x 4.69″ W x 3.25″ D
  • Weight: 9.5 oz



Additional Information
Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 6.0 × 6.0 × 2.0 in
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