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The American-made Santa Fe Impact XT Dehumidifier stands far above its competition in moisture removal, ease of use, and energy efficiency. This Energy Star-qualified dehumidifier is considered the most energy efficient, large-capacity residential dehumidifier on the market, exceeding Energy Star standards by 50%. Engineered for efficiency, eco-friendliness, and high capacity, the Santa Fe Impact eliminates problematic moisture and restores healthy indoor air quality while conserving your budget.

The Santa Fe Impact XT works hard to stop damaging humidity in large crawl spaces and basements measuring up to 3,700 square feet. Under AHAM conditions (80 degrees F at 60% relative humidity) it removes 105 pints of moisture per day and an estimated 210 pints at saturation. Simple yet intuitive control features such as a humidity control dial with automatic humidity control, gravity drainage, independent fan control, automatic defrost, and automatic restart make this dehumidifier the ideal solution for controlling excess humidity in vulnerable crawl spaces and basements.

Key Features

  • Dual-Air Distribution – This patent-pending process means the dehumidifier distributes dehumidified air out from a vent located on both sides of the unit. This creates more balanced humidity and improves circulation of dehumidified air in your environment.
  • Humidity Control Dial – Easily adjust your desired humidity using the manual knob control. Humidity can be adjusted from as low as 20% to as high as 80%. As a rule of thumb, your basement or crawl space’s optimal humidity level will typically be 50%.
  • Automatic Humidity Control – Once you have set your desired humidity, the Santa Fe Impact XT will dehumidify until the set humidity level is reached. The dehumidifier will then cycle on and off to maintain your desired humidity level. This helps further conserve energy and boost efficiency.
  • Gravity Drainage – When used in a standalone application, the Impact XT drains collected condensate via gravity. Simply attach the included 8-foot drain hose to the dehumidifier and route to a drain.
  • Setting Up a Drain Trap – Santa Fe recommends setting up a drain trap when installing any of its horizontal dehumidifiers, including the Impact XT. This prevents air from moving back up through the hose and back-flowing water into the machine. It also prevents potential water leaks from the corners of each unit. It’s easy to create a drain trap using the included drain hose or a separate PVC trap. Watch this video to learn more.


Superior Energy Efficiency
The Santa Fe Impact XT Dehumidifier is Energy Star-qualified. This means it dehumidifies using at least 15% less energy than comparable non-Energy Star dehumidifiers. This benefit alone contributes to approximately $220 in savings over the operating life of the dehumidifier. The Santa Fe Impact gives you this benefit and takes your potential energy savings one step further. Because the Impact XT is constructed with a more efficient compressor, refrigerator coils, and fan—and uses Santa Fe’s ultra-efficient pre-cooling dehumidification technology—it dehumidifies at a higher Energy Factor. During operation, this dehumidifier removes 4.2 liters of moisture per kilowatt hour (L/kWh). This rating is equal to double the Energy Star program’s minimum Energy Factor standard for residential dehumidifiers. In other words, the Santa Fe Impact exceeds Energy Star efficiency standards for dehumidifiers by 50%. It is the most energy-efficient dehumidifier on the market.

Additional Features

  • Flexible Fan Operation – An independent fan control switch allows for continuous fan operation—for comfortable air circulation all the time—or operation only when the dehumidifier is actively removing moisture from the air.
  • Low Temperature Operation – Unlike conventional dehumidifiers, the Santa Fe Impact operates effectively in temperatures as low as 49 degrees F. In temperatures below 56.


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