Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT

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The Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT dehumidifier is the perfect solution for removing excess moisture from large crawl spaces and basements. At AHAM rating conditions (80°F at 60% humidity), the large-capacity unit removes up to 155 pints of moisture per day and covers up to 3,600 square feet. At complete saturation (100% relative humidity), the dehumidifier’s capacity doubles to an impressive 310 pints per day.

In order to achieve the performance level of this unit, you would need to purchase multiple off-the-shelf dehumidifiers, which would in turn lead to increased electricity costs and elevated energy usage. This Santa Fe dehumidifier is also far more earth-friendly than other units because it carries the Energy Star rating and uses a special type of refrigerant that will not contribute to ozone depletion. The Santa Fe Max Dry is the most energy-efficient large-capacity residential dehumidifier on the market.

How It Works
The Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT dehumidifier uses a CFC-free refrigerant to draw in a stream of warm, humid air at the front of the unit and pass it through 1 of 2 evaporator coils. At this coil, the air temperature is cooled to below its dew point, condensing moisture in the process and dripping the water into the unit’s reservoir or, if equipped, a hose for draining. Following this process, the now cooled and dried air passes through a second coil where it is reheated and blown out into the room or crawl space. This Santa Fe dehumidifier performs dual-air distribution by blowing the reheated air out into the surrounding space from each side of the unit. This results in quicker and more efficient dehumidification and a well-balanced humidity level.

Easy Humidity Control
When running in the proper conditions, the Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT maintains 45 to 50% relative humidity, as recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. This is the ideal range for creating a comfortably dry, mold-free, and odor-free living or storage space. For easy humidity control, the unit features 3 humidity settings – dry, normal, and humid – to help you choose the best level for your space. Simply move the humidity control knob to your desired setting. The dehumidifier will run intermittently to maintain the set humidity level.

Additional Features
This American-made dehumidifier stands above other dehumidifiers when it comes to the amount of moisture it can absorb from the air. In addition to its high-capacity and low temperature operation, special features include:

  • Dual-Air Distribution – This patent-pending capability enables the unit to blow dehumidified air out from vents located on both sides of the unit, which results in more balanced humidity and air circulation.
  • Fan Control – A fan control switch allows for continuous fan operation or operation only when the unit is actively removing moisture from the air.
  • MERV-13 Air Filter – A pleated MERV-13 air filter cleans the air as it enters the unit. This filter captures particles as small as 1 micron in size and helps the dehumidifier works more efficiently. 
  • Gravity Drainage – Simply attach the included 8-foot drain hose to the unit and route to a drain.
  • Low Temperature Operation – The Max Dry Dual XT operates efficiently in temperatures down to 49 degrees F and up to 95 degrees F.


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Weight 146 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 26 × 24 in
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