We are proud to use Puradigm solutions to both treat and prevent harmful airborne pathogens in your home, as well as, keeping your clients and employee’s safe at work. Puradigm patented technologies release millions of oxidizers and high energy ion clusters into air that constantly attack harmful pathogens, viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and other health hazards. We are proud to use the most effective solution on the market to decrease even the smallest of contaminants that could harm humans and animals in indoor spaces. Learn more about the incredible benefits:


Neutralize odors and continuously sanitize your home with Puradigm. Our patented technology can remove harmful elements from your indoor air such as mold and allergens to pet dander and smoke. Reduce the spread of germs, remove harmful pathogens and eliminate unpleasant odors from your residence. Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to keep your family healthy, or a realtor who wants to ensure you offer the best home for your clients, Puradigm is proven to be a safe and effective solution for your loved ones and your happy home.


Keeping your patients and your employee’s safe and as healthy as possible is your top priority. With Puradigm, you’ll be able to protect employees and patients against the spread of germs and other contaminants through air purification and surface decontamination. Validated by Kansas State University, the FDA lab testing authority, as a safe and effective solution to removing bacteria and other harmful pathogens. Studies show immediate reductions within 2 hours and a 99.9% effective rate within 24 hours.

Athletic Facility

Decontaminate surfaces and purify the air indoors to keep your athletes performing their best. With 24/7 sanitation, your facility will be able to reduce the harmful elements that can lead to negative odors and diseases like staph infection, athlete’s foot, MRSA and mold. Locker rooms, weight rooms and wrestling rooms all benefit tremendously from the active Puradigm technology. Our systems are used by Major League Baseball and the NCAA to protect their athletes. Regardless of what level of competition you play Puradigm can protect you to maximize your peak performance!


Reduce the amount of sick days spent out of the office due to flu viruses, colds and other germs. Puradigm will continuously work to purify and sanitize the air and surfaces in your office by neutralizing mold, bacteria and allergens. You can decrease the number of germs spread between employees, while keeping the air fresh, pure and clean. Your office will be happier, healthier and in turn—more productive!