Staph is a serious pathogen which can be lethal. Read how one NCAA BB player has rebounded after a long road to recovery.   Click the link above t0 read the full article from the 11/08/18 story from the Indianapolis Star.   Keep your athletes and staff protected from
Unlike natural gas, carbon monoxide or other toxic airborne gasses, radon does not continue to build in concentration. Because ½ the radon “decays” every 3.8 days, an equilibrium is reached and radon levels remain fairly constant. Testing any home requires that the building be kept
Flu season is nothing to sneeze about. In fact, it can be downright deadly. Last year alone over 80,000 Americans died as a result of contracting the dreaded bug. Flu season can be especially critical to certain demographics of individuals such as children under the
INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February 22, 2018) – The number of influenza-associated deaths was at a sweeping 195, according to the Indiana State Department of Health last Friday. Aside from frequent hand washing and the flu shot, Hoosiers have limited options when it comes to protecting themselves


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