Amie Hood

Wow. We found mold in our basement this year, and it has been making me sick. It’s relatively mild allergy-type symptoms, but I was still coughing and congested after remediation, so we thought we’d try the Puradigm HVAC filters to see if they help. Forty-eight hours after the Puradigm was installed, we had an independent Industrial hygiensist do air quality testing. This was supposed to be follow-up to remediation we had done in our basement. However, they found more mold on our second floor with aspergillus counts over 4000. They returned the next week, 8 days after the Puradigm was installed, to locate the source of the mold. Our eaves are full of mold, but the air sample they took that day only showed an aspergillus count of 200. I can’t help but think this is due to the air purification system. We still have to remediate the source of the mold, but I’m convinced that this unit really works. Definitely worth the investment. Also, our house smells fresh. We have a giant breed dog, two cats, and three kids, and we cook with aromatic spices, but the house just smells like fresh air. Thanks to Brad, Jon, and Karen! :)